Rhodiola Rev

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Rhodiola RevSuper Concentrated, Super Strength, Standardized to 5% Rosavins and 3% Salidroside, 1000mg per serving, 60 vegetable capsules.

With added Reishi spores – 100mg per serving.

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One of the most powerful “adaptogens” known today – a term which refers to a botanical that improves your body’s ability to adapt to stress.

 Supports overall well-being. Traditional uses of Rhodiola rosea include supports healthy sleep and enhances physical and mental performance* There is new research to support traditional use.

  • Adapts to normal emotional and physical stress*
  • Supports healthy sleep*

Rhodiola, or Golden Root (Rhodiola rosea), is a small plant of cold regions of the world, including the Arctic and the mountains of Europe, America and Central Asia. It has a long history of use– Dioscorides wrote about it, the Vikings used it, and the Chinese emperors sent collecting expeditions to Siberia in search of it. Russians have been drinking Rhodiola tea made for generations. Now it is known that it is the rosavin and salidroside polyphenols in Rhodiola that are the key bio-actives. When mixed with the spores of the Reishi mushroom (Gandoerma lucidium), Rhodiola Rev offers a unique support for mind and healthy sleep*

Why Purespores’ Rhodiola Rev?

  • Ours contains highest amounts of the key bio actives – 5% Rosavins and 3% Salidroside
  • The remainder is a naturally-balanced mix of more than a hundred other compounds, including rosin and rosarin, and the numerous alkaloids, flavonoids, and anthraquinones, that make Rhodiola so effective.
  • To make Purespores’ Rhodiola Rev even more powerful we included one-tenth volume of the spores from Ganoderma lucidum – the Reishi mushroom – for the triterpenoids and the complex polysaccharides that also support stress relief. .
  • No fillers, made in vegetable capsules
  • Designed by a natural health practitioner and a plant scientist.

Pure and Powerful Ingredients
RhodiolaReishi Spores

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