Pure Olive Leaf

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Pure Olive Leaf – Super strength – standardized to 40% Oleuropein, 750mg, 60 vegetable capsules

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  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range*
  • Antioxidant support*

Olive leaves have been traditionally used in Egypt since the Dynastic Period for overall wellbeing. The oleuropein compound in olive (Olea europea), which is phenylethanoid, and the closely related oleasterol, elenolic acid, ligustroside, and 10-hydroxyligustroside, are thought to be the active ingredients.

Why Purepores’ Pure Olive Leaf?

  1. Ours contains highest amounts of the key bio-active compound – 40% Oleuropein.
  2. Extracted from the buds and the young leaves of olive trees, it is double that of most other olive leaf supplement on the market!
  3. And it contains oleasterol and elenolic acid and their derivatives, which combine to bring about the most potent formulation of its kind.
  4. No fillers, made in vegetable capsules
  5. Designed by a natural health practitioner and a plant scientist


Pure and Powerful Ingredients

Olive Leaf

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