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The World’s Best Botanicals –
That Really Work!

At last – we’re proud to present our new collection of supplements! They’re based on traditional herbal knowledge but supported by the latest discoveries in modern science.

Innovative Products

Plants have been used to maintain health and wellness for thousands of years in many cultures. So what’s so different about our new supplements?
Well, we’ve taken only the very best traditional knowledge that is also substantiated by modern science.
And we’ve made the most wholesome supplements we know how to make.

  • Our products are designed by a natural health practitioner and by a plant scientist.
  • We’ve done the work to source the best materials in conjunction with scientists and herbalists around the world.
  • Every ingredient comes from plants or mushrooms grown with special attention to maintaining purity.
  • They are as close to nature as possible, with some wild crafted
  • Some are super concentrated to deliver higher amounts of plant bio-compounds where indicated
  • We add no fillers or chemicals.
  • Actives are delivered in vegetable capsules.
  • We do not use “proprietary blends” – we believe in telling you exactly what you are getting

“I have been a natural health professional for over 35 years. There are countless products supported by great claims. But for this T-cell product the ingredients have been diligently researched and sourced, and the production standards are best-in-class. I use T-cell for obvious health benefits, and I do not hesitate .for a second to recommend it for any of my patients in need of immune support. The new portfolio is a landmark in natural health care.”

Richard Plant DC, CCH
(San Diego, CA)

Breakthrough Products

For our first product, we gave you the most pure  Reishi Spores available n the world today – and it’s still a best-seller.

We followed this up with t-Cell Master, which contains highly concentrated purified Reishi bio-actives. This is particularly recommended for additional support of the immune system.

Our new products now include high strength Potent Cordyceps – the only one made with genuine Tibetan wild-foraged mushrooms.

There’s also Potent Male – the only formula of this kind – which is made with the best quality Tongkat ali from Indonesia – and with Horny Goat Weed from China.

We continue to formulate the most effective dietary supplements for natural health. Every product we add is a breakthrough – unique and solution-based – to make a breakthrough in your health.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration . This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.